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Mental Health and Life Consultants
Building you from the inside out!

Support Group

Life Coaching Consultants

  • Focuses on the present and future rather than past

  • Identifies goals and obstacles

  • Provides guidance and support

  • Emphasis on goal setting

  • Accountability

  • Enables others to do more than they may do on their own

  • Does NOT offer treatment plans and/or diagnosis

Therapy Session

Mental Health Consultants

  • Emphasis on past traumas and issues

  • Deep focus on mental health

  • Focus on self-destructive habits

  • Offers treatment plans and diagnosis

  • Provides guidance and support

Life Coaching Consultations are non-refundable.  If notified within 48 hours, fees may be added towards a future appointment.  Your consultation is not confirmed until fee(s) are paid.  

All life coaching consultations are conducted via Video Conference.


Mental Health Therapy is conducted by Licensed Therapists with Family First Choice, Inc.  Refer to for details on appointment scheduling and fees.  

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